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HumongousMall.com (originally CheapestMall.com, established in June, 1996) is a subsidiary of IT&T, a state of New Jersey, U.S.A. corporation. IT&T was formed in August, 1995 and CheapestMall.com was developed in 1996.
Dr. Steven S. Lalwani, a U.S. citizen has been serving as the President of IT&T since 1995. Dr. Lalwani holds a Ph.D. in Materials Engineering from the University of Iowa (1976). He has over 30 years experience in engineering and business.

In light of the advent of the internet, Dr.Lalwani developed CheapestMall.com in order to bring the name brand products at the lowest possible prices - this is done by supplying directly from the warehouses to you and thus cutting the exorbitant mark ups of the department stores.

As the world progresses and changes every day and in light of easy accessibility and convenience of using mobile phones, Dr. Lalwani is now working on FREENEZ.com, a fully secured unique ecommerce social networking site that will provide access through HumongousMall.com to almost any product or service under the sky using a mobile phone, ipad, laptop or any device that will have internet access. HumongousMall.com will keep you on top of the current clearances, sales, special deals, various coupons and promos offered by the suppliers, by using the leverage of FREENEZ.com, so that you save everytime you shop.